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Spadina Avenue, January 9th

First photo walk of the new year and it could be an all day one!

Date: Saturday 9th January 2010
Meet: 10:00am at Queens Quay and Spadina; there’s a Coffee Time on the NW corner
Route: Head north on Spadina Avenue
Lunch: Dim sum at Bright Pearl – Ron tells me it’s haunted!
Afternoon: Continue north on Spadina until we’ve had enough or we run out of light 🙂
Post-walk bar: The Duke of York

If you can’t make the morning, join us for lunch; if you can’t make it until after lunch, we’ll still be walking in the afternoon! (I’ll share my cell phone number with those who sign up.)

20 thoughts on “Spadina Avenue, January 9th

  1. Tim Bermingham says:

    Hi Paul

    Can you give me an estimated time you will be arriving at, and leaving from, the lunch? And your cell please?


  2. Based on the pace of previous photo walks, I think we’ll get there between 12:30 and 1pm, and I guess we’ll be there about an hour. My cell# is 647-388-5356.

  3. Thanks to everyone who took part yesterday:

    1. Adam Shalaby – Flickr
      +2 friends
    2. Alfred – Flickr
    3. Derek Lang – website; photos on Facebook
    4. Emma – Flickr
    5. Georgette – Flickr
    6. Jeff Stewart – Flickr
    7. John Piercy – Flickr
    8. Jose – Flickr
    9. Larry Adlon – Flickr (gallery)
    10. Lizzie – Flickr
    11. Martin Pinker – Flickr
    12. Paul Henman – Flickr
    13. Peter Crock – Flickr
    14. Rick Innis
    15. Ron Miyanishi – Flickr
    16. Ryan – Flickr
      + 2 friends
    17. Suzanne Williams – Flickr
    18. Tim Bermingham – Flickr
    19. Vic Bhai – Flickr

    Please let me know if I’m missed you off the list / got your name or contact info wrong.

  4. Hi! Thanks for letting me join in on the Spadina walk. It was fun (though seriously cold!!!).

    I’ll try and have my photos up on my gallery soon. Got a bit sidetracked!


  5. I just looked at my photos today (Wednesday), and will be prepping them and putting them in my ‘Outings’ section of my online gallery on my personal website hopefully today. I’ll let you know when they are up. Will they somehow get linked to the collection of photos from the other participants? I’d love for them to be able to see my photos too!

  6. Argh… I tried to make a Flickr account, but it requires a Yahoo account (….which I have, but haven’t used in many years… so even though I finally remembered my password, I can’t get the ‘security questions’ right, and it locked me out for 24 hours….).

    I’ll prep the photos today, though, and put them in my gallery.

  7. Yeah, it sucks that there’s no way to get a Flickr account without a Yahoo account, but at least it’s free to create a new one if you can’t get into your old account.

    I don’t know of a way to include photos that aren’t on Flickr but if anyone knows the magic incantations, please post a comment here!

  8. Okay, my photos are up!

    Just go to the Photo Gallery on my personal website (

    There’s two sections…

    One is in the Events&Outings album (photos of the gang, etc)

    The other is in the Photography album (Spadina photos start on page 3)

    Hopefully the rest of the gang will hear about this new update, and will visit!

    (BTW, I tried making a new Yahoo account, but even though it seemed to create it, I can’t get it in…. Fun times….)

  9. Hey, now I’m on Flickr. So, please feel free to look me up, and add me as a friend (or whatever Flickr people do….)

  10. Okay, I joined. Would I need to upload my photos to Flickr in order to have them appear on your site, or can they just remain on my own site still?

  11. The TOPW Flickr group (and therefore the TOPW website) only shows photos from Flickr, so you’ll need to copy them over to your Flickr stream if you want to share them that way. If not, I’ll just post the link to where they are on your own website.

  12. Okay, I have a Flickr page, with a set for the Spadina Photo Walk, and I had already joined the Photo Walk group. Do I need to be sure of any particular privacy settings, etc in order to make everything work with your group?

  13. Sheesh, I’m a moron…. Okay, I figured it all out (…after re-reading your instructions!). Okay, we’re good…. Sorry about that! Photos are now on your group page. I’ll behave now. 🙂

  14. I can see they’re in the Flickr group but they may not appear to anyone who’s not added you as a Contact until the Flickr staff decide your photos are “safe” (i.e. not 18+ images). It can take them a day or two for them to get to it – you’ll see the status on your Account page ( Once they’ve set the “Safety Level” it’ll usually stay as “safe” unless someone flags your photos as inappropriate. But in short, there’s nothing more for you to do 🙂

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