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I was surprised to find out (from some of the people at the High Park walk) that there are still people using LiveJournal – I’ve had an LJ account since mid-2001 but it seems to have gone quiet over the past few months, mostly as people move to Facebook/Twitter. Anyway, due to public demand, there is now a TOPW LiveJournal community @ [info]tophotowalks.

3 thoughts on “LJ community

  1. I’m going to use the LJ community to spread the word about events rather than as a place to post images, but you’re welcome to post your photos anywhere you like. I’ve never used deviant art but if you want to create a community group there, I’m happy to link to it.

    One thing I am looking in to, though, is how to better show everyone’s photos on this website – I can get a feed from Flickr so I can include them easily enough, but do you know if deviant art can do the same? I’d like to have a page (on this website) with a automatic collection of images from the most recent photo walk, but I’m already running into difficulty getting them from Picasa.

  2. facebook sucks ass and seems to be getting worse daily.
    twitter serves a whole different purpose.
    lj is still vibrant. dreamwidth isn’t a bad alternative but is still building users.

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