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Danforth and East Chinatown, December 24th

It’s going to be a shorter walk than usual because it’s Christmas Eve, but some people want to get out and shoot.

Date: Saturday 24th December 2011.

Meet: 9:00am for breakfast at New York Cafe (they don’t do reservations at weekends) [map]

Route: Broadview -> Gerrard -> Logan -> Danforth

Lunch: We’ll end the walk at a pub (to be determined) [Auld Spot; Dora Keogh; Allens]

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:EC”

**If you’re joining us after breakfast, call me (647-388-5356) and I’ll let you know where we are.

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1 thought on “Danforth and East Chinatown, December 24th

  1. Thanks to everyone who came along – great to see everyone one last time in 2011 🙂

    Our next walk will be the Hair Of The Dog on January 1st (that’s a Sunday!) and then we start our regular scheduled walks on the 7th.

    Note: there’s a poll on the website to decide whether we shoot the Polar Bear Dip (at Sunnyside) or the Fun Run in the Beaches.

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