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Spring Bird Festival, May 12+13

Date: Saturday May 12th, and again on Sunday 13th.

OK, pay attention now – there are multiple options:

1) join (as a participant or help us lead) the Nature Photography Workshop; there are two workshops (9:30am and 2:30pm); each is 1.5 hours long; participants must sign up on the Festival’s registration page. *Note: this is Saturday (May 12) only.

2) “regular” photo walk starting at 10am Saturday, heading through Tommy Thompson Park, down to the lighthouse and back again, ending at a (yet to be determined) pub.

3) the same “regular” photo walk starting at 10am on the Sunday

Whichever option you pick, please note that there are very limited facilities at the park, so (a) bring lunch, and (b) check where the washrooms are and plan accordingly! [map] Note: pets are not permitted.

It’s going to be difficult to describe where the group is if you want to join us later in the day but we’ll try to work something out.

[Flickr thread] [Facebook events: Saturday, Sunday]

4 thoughts on “Spring Bird Festival, May 12+13

  1. Those Toronto & Region Conservation people do create wonderfully detailed maps.
    I am sure that the engineer types (ie Jay:Dee/Jerome) would appreciate them.

  2. The 10am walk starts at the entrance which is just south of Leslie & Unwin. [map]

    Note: Saturday’s going to be busy (lots of events happening down there) so parking might be a challenge.

    The #83 (Jones) bus drops you at Leslie & Commissioners; just walk south (on Leslie) from there.

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