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Coming soon

I tend to only plan photo walks “just in time” but here are a few things on the horizon:

  • August 19th is World Photo Day (not to be confused with the Worldwide Photo Walk – see below) and happens to coincide with our next scheduled photo walk weekend. Thanks to Vicki for planning the walk; [details].
  • I ran a poll recently to see if people were interested in shooting at the CNE again, and the resounding vote was in favour of going. It runs from August 17 to September 3, which spans two scheduled walk weekends, so I’ve pencilled in the September 1+2 walks as that should also include the air show. [details]
  • The 5th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is going to be in October.
    Update: The first walk is full (and there’s a growing waiting list) but Phil’s set up a second walk [details].
    More info in the WWPW blog post.

  • Also in October: I’ve been talking with John Carvalho about a joint photo walk with the Mississauga Flickr group; it’ll probably include High Park.
    Update: It’ll be on October 27th; details.

  • TOPW’s 3nd Anniversary party will be in early November; our first was at Duggan’s Brewery (RIP) and last year‘s was at the Three Brewers.
    Update: [details]

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