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University College and East, February 15th

Date: Saturday February 15th.

Meet: Meet at 10:00am at NE corner of University & College, at the fire fighters memorial [map]

Lunch: Duke of York (confirmed)

Post-walk: Factory Girl (confirmed)

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:UCE”

**If you’re joining us after the start, call us and we’ll let you know where we are (Saturday = Paul, 647-388-5356).

[Flickr thread] [Facebook event: Saturday]

2 thoughts on “University College and East, February 15th

  1. This is my first time to join the torontophotowalks. What should I do to join? And what is that hashtag for?

    1. Welcome! All you need to do is come along. Don’t feel that you have to commit to the whole day’s walk – some people arrive later or leave before the end – whatever works for you. Just make sure to bring the walk leader’s phone number with you so you can call to find the group.

      The hashtag is something we add to our photos when we upload them to Flickr, so that it’s easier to see which walk they’re from. Some people also use it when posting to Twitter & Facebook.

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