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Can you hear me now?

A few people in the TOPW Facebook group have mentioned that they don’t always receive updates regarding our walks. Sadly Facebook has become quite unreliable recently, but I post the same walk info to our Flickr group (which doesn’t have any way to push info out to the group) and the website, which has a mailing list attached – I would recommend joining that list (as well) so that you should always get notified.

If all you need is a quick reminder, then another option is to follow TOPW on Twitter or add the TOPW calendar feed to your online calendar!

Don’t say we don’t give you options! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. I subscribed to the mailing list on this site, so I haven’t been missing announcements. BTW, is there a way to subscribe to the whole TOPW calendar, so any scheduled event is automatically added to a personal calendar, instead of adding each event separately?

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