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Lawrence to Davisville, October 18th

Three walks in three weeks! I blame Scott Kelby’s WorldWide PhotoWalk for not fitting in with our regular schedule 🙂

Remember that, although we usually plan walks to run 10am-5pm, feel free to come and go whenever it fits with your schedule. [FAQ] [About TOPW]

Date: Saturday, October 18th.

Meet: 10am at NE corner of Yonge and Lawrence. [map]

Please note that the subway from Bloor to Eglinton is closed this weekend; there will be shuttle buses, so allow extra time and/or consider alternate routes. [TTC]

Morning: SE through Alexander Muir gardens and Sherwood Park.

Lunch: Granite Brewery (~12:30pm; confirmed; need to be out before 2:30pm)

Afternoon: West across Yonge, up to Eglinton Park then down to (just north of) Davisville station.

Post-walk: Wallace gastropub (~5:00pm; confirmed)

Hashtag: “TOPW:L2D”

Walk Leader: Paul, 647-388-5356; if you are lost or want to join us at another time during our walk, I can let you know where we are.

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