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WorldWide PhotoWalk 2016, October 1st

This year’s WorldWide PhotoWalk coincides with the regular Toronto Photo Walks schedule again, so the morning will be a combined walk.

Morning: If you want to join the morning’s walk, please join the WWPW list.

Lunch: The Monk’s Table (confirmed – they’re expecting about 40 people to arrive between noon and 12:30pm).

Afternoon: I’m guessing we’ll set off about 2pm – it’s going to take a while for everyone to be fed & watered. We’ll head across Rosehill Reservoir and back into the Yellow Creek ravine. Head north, under St.Clair, and into Mt.Pleasant cemetery. There are a choice of paths, but we’ll strike generally east until we reach Mt.Pleasant Road. There we’ll walk north to Davisville Ave; west to Pailton Crescent and along Balliol St to see Al Green Sculpture Park. It’s then just a short walk north on Yonge to the pub. [Map for the afternoon]

Post-walk pub: The Wallace (confirmed)

Hashtag: TOPW:WWPW2016

Walk leader: Paul, cell# 647-388-5356

[Facebook] [Flickr]

2 thoughts on “WorldWide PhotoWalk 2016, October 1st

  1. Thanks again to everyone who came out despite the rain. I hope you all had fun and made some great photos. Don’t forget to follow the TOPW website / Facebook group / Flickr group for updates for our next walk (Oct16) and future events.

    @Everyone who walked on Saturday: when you post your shots, please add the hashtags “TOPW:WWPW2016”. Our preferred place to post them is the TOPW Flickr group @ (Flickr just calls hashtags “tags”.)

    @Just the WWPW participants, i.e. those who signed up for and took part in the morning walk: Please also add the hashtag “WWPW2016” when you post your shots. You should also have received an email from the WWPW organisers explaining how to submit your best shot to the competition; the closing date is Oct16.

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