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Street Art, August 2nd

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

We are doing it again! Join us along Queen Street West for the Flickr Global Photo Walk on August 2nd; the theme will be Street Art.

This is an afternoon-only walk, but feel free to spend the morning hitting other street art spots in the city, some of which are highlighted on the map! (Let me know if you are willing to organise a morning walk.)

Date: Saturday, August 2nd.

Meet: 1:00pm at the intersection of Rush Lane and McDougall Lane (near Queen & Spadina). [Map]

Post-walk: Electric Mud BBQ, 5 Brock Avenue (Parkdale)
Note: They don’t take reservations, so we’ll try to be there by the time they open (6pm) to secure enough tables. If we fail, there are plenty of other options in the neighbourhood. This is Parkdale after all.

Hashtag: “TOPW:SA”
Flickr also said: Be sure to tag your uploads with #FlickrPhotoWalk to automatically upload your photos to the group. Consider also tagging the photos with #StreetArt and #YourCity (the name of the city where you’re organizing your walk).

Walk Leader: Thomas; if you are lost or want to join us at another time during our walk, I can let you know where we are.

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Yonge Dundas Square, June 21st

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Meeting at 10:30am Yonge Dundas Square. [map]

Lunch 1:00 confirmed at the Stout Irish Pub.

Post walk food and drinks 5:30 confirmed at The Firkin on Yonge

**Walk route map to be posted later today**

** If joining the walk later feel free to contact Teresa @ 905-758-6960

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:YDS”

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Corktown/Old Town, May 17th

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Thanks to Vicki for organising the walk.

Date: Saturday May 17th.

Meet: Meet at 10:00am at Merchants Of Green Coffee, 2 Matilda St. [map]
If you want coffee, people are meeting at Merchants Of Green Coffee at 9:45am; the photowalk sets off at 10:00am.

Lunch: 12:30pm, Betty’s, 240 King St. E (to be confirmed)

Post-walk: P.J. O’Brien Irish Pub, 39 Colborne St (to be confirmed)

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:COT”

**If you’re joining us after the start, call us and we’ll let you know where we are (Saturday = Vicki, 416-428-6631)

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Flickr10 Global Walk, May 4th

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Thanks to Stephanie and Thomas for organising the walk.

Date: Sunday May 4th. (Yes, Sunday!)

Flickr is 10 years old, so they’ve picked Sunday May 4th as a global day of Flickr photo walks; given TOPW was born out of the Toronto Flickr meetups and our group has been on Flickr since we started (4½ years ago), it’s very fitting that we should participate!

Meet: Meet at 10:00am at Broadview Station. [map]

Lunch: we are split between *two* pubs — Prohibition and An Sibin Pub (both confirmed)

For those who are joining specifically for the #Flickr10 walk, we’ll meet on the Queen Street Bridge at 2pm. (Everyone is welcome to join us for any part / all of the walk, but the afternoon portion is what we’re calling the “official” Flickr10 walk.)

If you’ve not been on a photowalk before, check out our FAQ page.

Post-walk: Against The Grain (to be confirmed)

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:Flickr10″.
In addition to our regular tag, please add #Flickr10photowalk and your photo will automatically be added to the #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks group pool.

**If you’re joining us after the start, call us and we’ll let you know where we are (Stephanie = 647-230-6001).

[Flickr thread] [Facebook event]

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Subway walk, April 5th

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Thanks to Andrew for organising the walk.

Date: Saturday April 5th.

On March 30. 1954, the first subway in Toronto opened. The first train ran from Eglinton Station to Union Station. This walk follows the subway line from Eglinton to Dundas.

Meet: Meet at 10:00am at the SW corner of Yonge & Eglinton, above Eglinton subway station. [map]

Lunch: Wylie’s Pub (confirmed, 1pm)

Post-walk: Three Brewers (to be confirmed)

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:TTC60″

**If you’re joining us after the start, call us and we’ll let you know where we are (Saturday = Vicki*, 416-428-6631) *because Andrew is a self-confessed cellphone luddite!

[Flickr thread] [Facebook event: Saturday]

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