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Davisville, August 11th

Monday, August 6th, 2018

Mary wrote:

Since no one else jumped at the opportunity to lead this, you’re going to have to put up with me again!

Meet Starbucks at Davisville subway station at 10 a.m., NE corner of Yonge & Davisville.

We’ll check out small sculpture garden on Davisville, then Balliol & Playfair Cres to Mt. Pleasant cemetery. Through the cemetery to the ravine and walk south at least as far as railway tracks at Summerhill. That’s the start anyhow.

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WorldWide PhotoWalk 2016, October 1st

Monday, September 19th, 2016

This year’s WorldWide PhotoWalk coincides with the regular Toronto Photo Walks schedule again, so the morning will be a combined walk.

Morning: If you want to join the morning’s walk, please join the WWPW list.

Lunch: The Monk’s Table (confirmed – they’re expecting about 40 people to arrive between noon and 12:30pm).

Afternoon: I’m guessing we’ll set off about 2pm – it’s going to take a while for everyone to be fed & watered. We’ll head across Rosehill Reservoir and back into the Yellow Creek ravine. Head north, under St.Clair, and into Mt.Pleasant cemetery. There are a choice of paths, but we’ll strike generally east until we reach Mt.Pleasant Road. There we’ll walk north to Davisville Ave; west to Pailton Crescent and along Balliol St to see Al Green Sculpture Park. It’s then just a short walk north on Yonge to the pub. [Map for the afternoon]

Post-walk pub: The Wallace (confirmed)

Hashtag: TOPW:WWPW2016

Walk leader: Paul, cell# 647-388-5356

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Parks and College, July 18th

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Date: Saturday, July 18th.

Meet: 10:00am at Castle Frank station (on the corner of Bloor and Castle Frank).

Morning: Castle Frank Rd; Cranleigh Gardens; South Drive; Milkman’s Lane; west on Park Drive Reservation Trail / Beltline; across Glen Road and Mt Pleasant; continue north on trail; cut west towards Rosehill Reservoir; Summerhill Ave; north on Yonge to pub. [map]

Lunch: Monk’s Table (confirmed)

Afternoon: East to Rosehill Reservoir; rejoin trail heading north; under St Clair; into Mount Pleasant cemetery; exit at SW corner; south on Yonge (or cut across Lawton Parkette) then head north on Lawton Blvd; west on Lonsdale; through Upper Canada College; east on Kilbarry Rd; north on Lascelles; NE through Oriole Park; east on Chaplin Crescent; north on Yonge to pub. [map]

Post-walk: The Wallace (confirmed)

Hashtag: “TOPW:PAC”

Walk Leader: Paul (647-388-5356); if you are lost or want to join us at another time during our walk, call/text so we can let you know where we are.

Remember that, although we usually plan walks to run 10am to about 5pm (depending on light), feel free to come and go whenever it fits with your schedule. [FAQ] [About TOPW]

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