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High Park, February 20th

High Park was the clear winner of the poll to pick the location for this photo walk; I’ve walked it a couple of times but don’t know the area very well so Adam Shalaby helped me plan the route.

Date: Saturday 20th February 2010
Meet: 10:00am – east end (near the exit) of High Park subway station. [We tried to find somewhere warm!]
Route: Head south into High Park, then follow Spring Road around the east side of the park; take Deer Pen Road west then north.
Lunch: The Grenadier Restaurant.
Afternoon: Following the edge of Grenadier Pond, head south until we hit The Queensway. Take the footpath to the west, then turn north up Ellis Ave. Cut through Rennie Park to Rennie Terrace, then east on Morningside Ave which becomes Ellis Park Road. After winding around the top of Grenadier Pond, we’ll eventually hit Bloor St W and head west to the pub. (*)
Post-walk bar: The Swan & Firkin, 2205 Bloor Street West (between Kennedy Ave and Runnymede Rd).

(*)For purists who object that this route is outside of High Park, I have an alternate route that loops around the south end of the park, up Spring Road, along Centre Road then up Colborne Lodge Road and finally meets up with Bloor. I think the Rennie Park route might be more interesting though, but as always we can adjust the route depending on what people want to see, as well as the weather etc.

If you can’t make the morning, join us for lunch; if you can’t make it until after lunch, we’ll still be walking in the afternoon! (I’ll share my cell phone number with those who sign up on the website post, Facebook event or Flickr thread.)

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  1. Thanks to everyone who came out today and apologies to anyone who had trouble meeting up with us. I hope you all had a great time and that we’ll see you at the next TOPW outing on March 13th. (I’ll post a poll on the website in the next few days so we can vote on the location for that walk.)

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    If you post your photos elsewhere, send me a link (or leave a comment here) and I’ll share the URL with the rest of the group.

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