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TOPW’s 8th Anniversary Party, November 18th

Thanks to Michael and Georgette for organising our 8th Anniversary Party! Saturday, November 18th Pre-Party Walk: 1:00PM: Meet @ The Evergreen Brickworks outside CafĂ© Belong. 1:30PM unofficial tour of the Evergreen Brickworks, to be delivered by our own special TOPW tour guide, Hanifa. The tour is about an hour, afterContinue readingTOPW’s 8th Anniversary Party, November 18th

Click & Drink Walk, September 2nd

Thanks to Brad for organising another walk. This will be our 200th scheduled walk! This is the groups 200th scheduled walk and we are going to celebrate the occasion. The map is of the west end of Toronto and shows all the microbreweries in the west end. Morning MeetContinue readingClick & Drink Walk, September 2nd

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