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Do you want to help organise a walk?

If you’d like to help with the organisation of some photo walks, drop me a line. Send me your email address, cell phone number and a guide to which part(s) of Toronto you know well enough to organise a walk.

What does it take to organise a walk? There’s obviously the route but also arranging the lunch and post-walk stop. As a guide, it usually takes me about 3 or 4 hours to come up with the route, but occasionally a bar won’t be able to accommodate us and I end up having to re-plan the route. For someone who knows the area we’re walking, you can probably do it a bit quicker.

Then on the day of the walk, lead the group (allowing for minor detours) and ensure we arrive at the lunch and post-walk stops on time … or at least close enough to “on time” that we still get seated & served! 🙂

If you have suggestions for future walks (whether you want to help plan it or not), drop me an email.

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