LJ community

I was surprised to find out (from some of the people at the High Park walk) that there are still people using LiveJournal – I’ve had an LJ account since mid-2001 but it seems to have gone quiet over the past few months, mostly as people move to Facebook/Twitter. Anyway, due to public demand, there is now a TOPW LiveJournal community @ [info]tophotowalks.


3 Responses to “LJ community”

  1. Rahim Says:

    how about a deviant art community to post pics, or any other that does not have a max limit like flickr. cant post much on it

  2. paul Says:

    I’m going to use the LJ community to spread the word about events rather than as a place to post images, but you’re welcome to post your photos anywhere you like. I’ve never used deviant art but if you want to create a community group there, I’m happy to link to it.

    One thing I am looking in to, though, is how to better show everyone’s photos on this website – I can get a feed from Flickr so I can include them easily enough, but do you know if deviant art can do the same? I’d like to have a page (on this website) with a automatic collection of images from the most recent photo walk, but I’m already running into difficulty getting them from Picasa.

  3. mrflagg Says:

    facebook sucks ass and seems to be getting worse daily.
    twitter serves a whole different purpose.
    lj is still vibrant. dreamwidth isn’t a bad alternative but is still building users.