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TOPW exhibition Q&A

Questions & Answers from the January 10th meeting:

The first Toronto Photo Walks group exhibition will be at Studio 561 on March 17th-31st 2012.

Submitting your images:

  • deadline for submitting work is Feb 4th (it’s a photo walk) — package details are below
  • images must be in TIFF or JPEG format with minimum compression; no more than 8bit- not 16bit
  • there’s no “review” or “editing” of the work (#12 in FAQ) – original thought was to identify duplication but doesn’t seem necessary
  • all images must be submitted with an extra 1½” border on each side which will be part of the image (regardless of size of image), so that the image will wrap around the frame
  • (Clarify terminology: print size is larger than frame size, e.g. 11×14 frame is 14×17 print size)
  • price is (height + width)*$0.60, e.g. an 11×14″ frame would cost (11+14)*0.6 = 25*0.6 = $15.00
  • there are no preset sizes, i.e. you don’t have to stick to “regular” sizes
  • exhibitors are encouraged to hang 3-4 images each

Package details:

Large envelope
           Name (real name)
           Contact info
           Contents: 1 CD with File# GJL-01- 14x17 tiff
                                     GJL-02- 14x17 tiff
                                     GJL-03- 14x17 tiff

        Note: file names are print sizes.
               : sample print must have file name with print size on back
               : CD case must have file names with print size.
               : CD must be marked with file names with print size

Small envelope
            Name (real name)
            Contact info
            Photo (File name with framing size)
             Total: 75"x$.60=$45.00 (cash only)

Printing & framing:

  • Brad’s company is sponsoring printing and will also be coordinating with framer
  • images will be printed on canvas
  • printing process may mean a blurry image may be a little more blurry


  • space is 3′ x 5′ per person
  • everyone is responsible for their own layout within their allotted space
  • each person should create business card with contact info, to be displayed with their images
  • there won’t be any flyers or handouts at the gallery
  • each end of studio will be easel with description of group; Ali will provide 2 easels; can someone help Paul write description?
  • need vehicle to transport photos on Friday night / Saturday morning – does anyone have a van?
  • 10 people will set up first (10am) – Vicki, Domnic, Brad R, Genie, Jerome, Georgette, Sally, George, Geoff & me; rest can go on morning part of photo walk then set up at noon
  • everyone hangs their own work (i.e. we won’t hang it for you!)
  • opening: 5pm, March 17 — note: the gallery is closed until 5pm unless you are hanging your work
  • everyone to collect their images on the last day of the show, March 31

2 thoughts on “TOPW exhibition Q&A

  1. Geoff posted in the Flickr group:

    The original space for hanging the pic’s was 3×3 feet positioned at a height for best viewing. Since we have a high ceiling, I revised the size to a 5 foot height to allow more flexibility for each display.
    If your pic’s are of a smaller size, I recommend a 3×3 configuration.
    Space between each display has been allowed, so stay within your three foot width.
    Your display may be better shown by hanging in less than a three foot width. Keep in mind that what works best visually is the way to go.

    Take note: When submitting your package make sure you use your initials as file names for your digital images. The sample used has mine as an example. GJL-01-14x17tiff
    This helps to keep you package together.

  2. Brad wrote:

    I have received this same question a few times now, so I going to answer it here. I thought it was brought up at the meeting be perhaps I was wrong.

    If you are unable to sacrifice the 1½” border required to wrap around the frame for fear of ruining the composition, you have a couple of options.

    1. Scale your image in Photoshop and make it work
    2. Clone, Mirror, Heal Brush or Content-Aware Fill the extra 1½ around each side.
    3. If you really must choose to border your image with a border of solid colour then I would suggest that you make your image another inch smaller so that you end up with a colour border on the FRONT that would then wrap around the frame. Hope that makes sense.

    If you choose to go with a non-printed border for the wrapping you are doing two things…

    1. Putting yourself at risk (no matter how small) that the framer can not wrap your image perfectly and you end up with an imbalanced mount, or something doesn’t get communicated to me, the techs doing the printing or the framer.
    2. You are working outside the boundaries of what the rest of the folks are doing, and your prints may stick out like a sore thumb.

    Please bear in mind that all of these custom changes need to be detailed as the volume of work for me to manage it is enough that something could easily be missed.

    You have been warned.

    I welcome your thoughts.

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