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100th Walk T-shirts

You might have seen or heard about the T-shirt that Lizzie has designed to mark our 100th walk. Well, here it is: (click on image to enlarge it)
TOPW 100th Walk Tshirt

Update: T-shirt order has been placed; too late for new orders or changes; we’ll bring them to Saturday’s walk.

You can find sizing information on their web site. No, we didn’t ask about pricing for a TOPW onesie(!) but we can mix and match shirt colours, and even do a mix of girls and guys crew neck or v-neck shirts all for the same price.

We will only place an order for those who have provided all the required info and payment by Monday July 29th.

So if you’re interested, please follow the steps below:

  1. send the following info to [paul DOT henman AT topw DOT ca] — do not tell me, especially in a pub, as I will forget!
    • your name
    • T-shirt style name and colour (as per their web site)
    • T-shirt size

      Repeat style+size info if you want more than one T-shirt.

  2. pay $20 per T-shirt to Paul either in cash or via Interac “e-Transfer” (almost all Canadian banks offer this feature). [Interac will ask you to add a security password – please use “100walk”]

Remember: email the above info to Paul and send/give him the money, all by July 29th. Don’t miss out!

6 thoughts on “100th Walk T-shirts

  1. Lizzie wrote:

    Hi everybody.

    I stopped by Toronto Tees on Yonge Street today to take a look at the t-shirt colours and sizes.

    I will bring lots of samples this Thursday to the Toronto Flickr Meetup!

    The quality of the shirts is very nice, soft and comfy! The measurements on their website seem accurate. They measure like this…


    … so just double the measurement for your chest size. The women’s Medium fits tight on me (sorry, tmi) and I’ll probably choose the women’s Large, so I can breath in it once its been through the wash 🙂 But the men’s Small also fits me, in a baggy kind of way.

    There are quite a few colours to choose from but I recommend White, Yellow, Silver and Athletic Heather. We can’t choose dark colours because the design cannot be reversed (cannot print the black lines in white ink on a dark shirt.)


    The t-shirts are definitely the nicest… the tank tops are mostly ribbed and the graphics may print out a little "wonky"… their words 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    Can’t wait to see how great we all look in our first TOPW shirts!!!

  2. I have T-shirt orders and money from the following people: Alan, Alex, Alfred, Andrew (x2), Azadeh, Branko, Clements, David, Genie, Jerome, Lizzie, Loretta, Mark, Mary, Paige, (me), Randall, Sean, Sebastian, Shirley, Stephanie, Vicki & Vivian.

    I believe I’ve replied to each person when I got your order/$20 but if you don’t see your name in the last please drop me (Paul) an email ASAP.

    I’m double checking the list this evening and I’ll send it to everyone above; if you spot a mistake please email me ASAP as we’ll be placing the order Tuesday evening.

  3. I’ve just sent the spreadsheet to everyone who placed an order; last chance to check/fix it.
    If you didn’t receive it, I don’t have your order so email me NOW!

  4. Lizzie talked to the printer about our order and it didn’t go well! She’s spent this evening talking to some other printers, trying to match colours, pricing and turnaround time. Hopefully she’ll have some good news soon….

  5. Lizzie wrote (on the Flickr thread):

    Yes, good news, all sorted! We will now be getting high quality true screen printed tees! (I hereby officially only recommend Toronto Tees for one colour designs.)

    Hopefully, I can put all my new t-shirt printing knowledge to work again for our NEXT commemorative shirt design!?



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