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Flickr10 Global Walk, May 4th

Thanks to Stephanie and Thomas for organising the walk.

Date: Sunday May 4th. (Yes, Sunday!)

Flickr is 10 years old, so they’ve picked Sunday May 4th as a global day of Flickr photo walks; given TOPW was born out of the Toronto Flickr meetups and our group has been on Flickr since we started (4½ years ago), it’s very fitting that we should participate!

Meet: Meet at 10:00am at Broadview Station. [map]

Lunch: we are split between *two* pubs — Prohibition and An Sibin Pub (both confirmed)

For those who are joining specifically for the #Flickr10 walk, we’ll meet on the Queen Street Bridge at 2pm. (Everyone is welcome to join us for any part / all of the walk, but the afternoon portion is what we’re calling the “official” Flickr10 walk.)

If you’ve not been on a photowalk before, check out our FAQ page.

Post-walk: Against The Grain (to be confirmed)

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:Flickr10”.
In addition to our regular tag, please add #Flickr10photowalk and your photo will automatically be added to the #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks group pool.

**If you’re joining us after the start, call us and we’ll let you know where we are (Stephanie = 647-230-6001).

[Flickr thread] [Facebook event]

2 thoughts on “Flickr10 Global Walk, May 4th

  1. Before anyone asks, yes there is a walk before this one (April 19th) but we want to get the word out to the Flickr community for this one.

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