501 streetcar walk, February 6th

Be sure to pick up a TTC day pass!

Meet: 10am Roncesvalles and Queen – there’s a parkette on the south side. [map]

And then? We’ll take a streetcar to Long Branch; as it’s the end/start of the line, we can claim the best seats on the streetcar and head from Long Branch to Neville Park Loop (people can jump on & off if they spot something interesting)
[streetcar map]

Lunch: The Gull and Firkin pub, 1943 Queen St. East

Afternoon: streetcar back to Roncesvalles

Post-walk pub: (near Roncesvalles and Queen; to be confirmed)

Hashtag: TOPW:501

Walk leader: Dom, 647-290-2554

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2 Responses to “501 streetcar walk, February 6th”

  1. Paul Henman Says:

    As Alan points out, pair up with someone as a day pass is good for 2 adults!

  2. Hanifa Says:

    Sounds like a great ‘walk’ – unfortunately I can’t make it due to a conflict : (