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Worldwide Photo Walk, October 7th

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Our next scheduled photowalk coincides with the annual Worldwide Photo Walk organised by Scott Kelby – this year is their 10th anniversary.

Note: you must sign up on the WWPW site in order to participate in their walks. (You can only sign up for one walk.)

There are 3 walks in Toronto:

Remember: register one the walk’s site!

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WorldWide PhotoWalk 2016, October 1st

Monday, September 19th, 2016

This year’s WorldWide PhotoWalk coincides with the regular Toronto Photo Walks schedule again, so the morning will be a combined walk.

Morning: If you want to join the morning’s walk, please join the WWPW list.

Lunch: The Monk’s Table (confirmed – they’re expecting about 40 people to arrive between noon and 12:30pm).

Afternoon: I’m guessing we’ll set off about 2pm – it’s going to take a while for everyone to be fed & watered. We’ll head across Rosehill Reservoir and back into the Yellow Creek ravine. Head north, under St.Clair, and into Mt.Pleasant cemetery. There are a choice of paths, but we’ll strike generally east until we reach Mt.Pleasant Road. There we’ll walk north to Davisville Ave; west to Pailton Crescent and along Balliol St to see Al Green Sculpture Park. It’s then just a short walk north on Yonge to the pub. [Map for the afternoon]

Post-walk pub: The Wallace (confirmed)

Hashtag: TOPW:WWPW2016

Walk leader: Paul, cell# 647-388-5356

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Worldwide Photo Walk, October 11th

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

This year’s Worldwide Photo Walk is on October 11th, which is between our regular schedule walks. It’ll be the 5th year that we’ve been involved; details for our past years are: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

As with previous years, you must sign up through the official WWPW site. Currently there are 2 walks in Toronto:

(I’ve also signed up to lead a walk but I won’t publish it until the other walks fill up.)

So please go to the official WWPW site and sign up there.

Worldwide Photo Walk, October 5th

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Date: Saturday October 5th.

Note: The only way to participate in a WorldWide Photo Walk is to sign up via the WWPW website; there are six walks in Toronto including Phil’s and mine. (My walk is full – please join a different walk rather than my waiting list.)

Hashtag: please use “TOPW:WWPW2013”

There’s a Flickr group for the Toronto-based WWPW events, in addition to our regular TOPW group.

If you want to check out the past WWPW events, TOPW was involved in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Update: In case anyone’s confused by the WWPW pages, Phil is still leading his Humber Valley walk ( and Vicki is leading the one I initially created ( Unfortunately the WWPW organisers got things confused when I asked them to make Vicki the leader of my walk and instead they replaced Phil. I’m hoping they’ll fix it soon.

Coming up: Sep-Dec

Sunday, September 8th, 2013
Date Organiser Location (tba = to be arranged) URL
Sep07 Paul Beaches details
Sep21 Teresa Belfountain details
Oct05 Paul Vicki / Phil WorldWide Photo Walk (WWPW) details
Oct19 Jerome Burlington details
Nov02 Vicki tba
Nov16 Vicki TOPW’s 4th Anniversary party @ The 3 Brewers
Nov30 tba tba
Dec14 tba tba
Dec28 tba tba