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Poll re: 2014 schedule

Note: this poll is also in the sidebar; vote in one or the other – this post is just so that I can add a bit more information and everyone who selects “Other” can add a comment.

In 2013, the regular “official” walk schedule meant we always scheduled walks on even numbered weeks (e.g. November 30th is the end of week 48), which means some people are unable to join us because they have a bi-weekly commitment.

For 2014 I hope we can shake up the schedule and give everyone a chance to join the walks. One example is the 1st and 3rd weekend of each month; the different month lengths mean it won’t always be an even week number, but it may be a bit more confusing if people are trying to plan ahead.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Update: Poll is now closed.

10 thoughts on “Poll re: 2014 schedule

  1. I like the every 3 weeks idea and then some of us can do a non official walk, in between, on occasion. Vic

  2. Keep in mind that the alternating Sat/Sun option may not be helpful for the single parents who have their kids for the whole weekend. Just saying…

  3. Personally, I am flexible and would join the walk if walking area interests me and don’t have anything else more tempting on the go that day. Just as an observation: two of the months of a year have 5 Saturdays, which makes gap between two walks on those occasions longer. Also, two walks a month means 24 walks a year, as opposed to 26 we had in previous years.

  4. I’m also flexible, except I can’t make Sunday walks. Whichever weekend it is scheduled doesn’t matter to me, I try to make as many as I can, but being every 2nd or every 3rd week makes no difference to me.

    I would like to see all ad-hoc walks count as official.

  5. The only differences between “official” and “unofficial” walks are: (a) the hashtag, (b) the walk details posted on the website, and (c) an update to that post which uses the hashtag to generate a slideshow.

    To make ad hoc walks “official” we could just drop the idea of the hashtag & slideshow, and I’ll give the walk organisers access to post on the website (as well as Facebook and Flickr), then bingo they’re all “official” too.

  6. I prefer the current bi-weekly Saturday schedule. Even or odd week works fine with me as I can reschedule my other bi-weekly commitment.

  7. Andrew Grieve says:

    i voted two weekends in a row for the folloing reason. Some walkers cannot attend on certain fixed alternate weekends and so have not been able to attend (or alternately can). If we do two weekends in a row it will permit them to walk. We could also float the walks by using the month as the benchmark so the first third idea would work.

  8. Frederick Armentia says:

    Would like 1st and 3rd Saturday.

    I personally get paid every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

    The current 2nd and 4th Saturday walks is somewhat inconvenient cause they happen when I am low on beer money…

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