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The Other Side of Leaside, March 21st

Date: Saturday, March 21st.

Meet: 10:00am at the Tim Hortons (26 Overlea Boulevard) at the NW corner of Overlea Boulevard and Thorncliffe Park Drive. [map]

Morning: Starting at Tim Hortons; southwest on Overlea to Millwood Road; west on Millwood to Village Station Road; northeast on Village Station to an undetermined point; return (southwest) on Village Station to Millwood; northwest on Millwood and Laird Drive to Canvarco Road; east and northeast along Canvarco to a gated fence; return (southwest) on Canvarco to an entrance on the west; west and south on a dirt roadway to Canvarco; west on Canvarco to Laird Drive; and north on Laird to Against the Grain (for lunch).

Lunch: 11:30/11:45am at Against the Grain (87 Laird Drive) near the NE corner of Laird Drive and Esander Drive.

Afternoon: Starting at Against the Grain; north on Laird Drive to Industrial Street; east and north on Industrial to where the railway tracks cross; northwest and west along the railway tracks to an undetermined point; return (east and southeast) on railway tracks to Industrial; south and west on Industrial to Esander Drive; south, west and south to Amsterdam Breweries* (45 Esander Drive); south and west on Esdander to Corks Beer & Wine Bar in Longo’s.

*We have booked a tour of their facilities for 3:00pm. Photography is encouraged.

Post-walk: 4:30pm at Corks Beer & Wine Bar in Longo’s (93 Laird Drive) in the refurbished CNR repair building.

Hashtag: “TOPW:OSL”

Walk Leader: David (647-449-4227) and Jeff (416-423-2910); if you are lost or want to join us at another time during our walk, call/text so we can let you know where we are.

NOTE: The weather at this time of year can be chilly and wet. Be prepared for soft ground, mud and water puddles.

Remember that, although we usually plan walks to run 10am to about 5pm (depending on light), feel free to come and go whenever it fits with your schedule. [FAQ] [About TOPW]

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