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Warming up, March 7th

Date: Saturday, March 7th.

Meet: 10:00am at SE corner of Queen and Kingston Rd [map]

Morning: South through Woodbine Park, east on the boardwalk, to Leuty lifeguard station and the winter warming stations; then through Kew Gardens and up to Queen St.

Lunch: Stone Lion (confirmed)

Afternoon: North on Kenilworth to Norway Ave; west to St. John’s Norway Cemetery, cutting through part of the cemetery as we head north to Woodbine and Eastwood. West on Eastwood; north on Bowmore to Gerrard.

Post-walk: Corner House Pub (confirmed)

Hashtag: “TOPW:WUP”

Walk Leader: Paul (647-388-5356); if you are lost or want to join us at another time during our walk, call/text so we can let you know where we are.

Remember that, although we usually plan walks to run 10am to about 5pm (depending on light), feel free to come and go whenever it fits with your schedule. [FAQ] [About TOPW]

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4 thoughts on “Warming up, March 7th

  1. I tweaked the MailChimp plugin so hopefully this will go out to the TOPW mailing list subscribers this time!

    Update: nope, didn’t auto-send; had to create MailChimp “campaign” manually.

  2. Hi Maria,

    No need to register; just show up when you want (doesn’t have to be at the 10am start) but make sure you have the walk leader’s phone number to be able to find the group. (The map is a guide – we stray off the route quite often!)

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